Big bang with compressed air pvc pipe.


This device shoots the pvc cap at a dangerous velocity. Always aim the end of the pipe toward a folded up blanket or similar to catch the flying cap. This is definitely a use at your own risk kind of thing. We take no responsibility for anyone's usage of this information.

A big bang that will impress all your friends, can be made with a piece of SCH 40 2" dia. PVC pipe about 23 inches long, two end caps, some PVC glue and a compressor capable of supplying over 55 PSI.

Glue one end cap on well and let dry thoroughly. Drill a 3/16 hole in the cap that is glued on. Press the other end cap on very tightly over the other end. Push it on with your entire weight against the floor. You may have to select a cap that fits over the end nice and snug. If a tight one can't be found, it can be made to fit tight by putting a thin film of glue around the end of the pipe and letting it dry before pushing the cap on.

The gun is now ready to fire. Point the loose (unglued) cap end at a wadded up blanket or something that can safely absorb the high velocity of the loose end cap when it blows off. Hold the gun in one hand and the compressed air gun in the other with its end over the 3/16 hole in the end. Push and hold the air gun button. BOOOOMMMM!!!

       _____                                _____
  {-- | ---------------------------------------- | _____-T-___---________
      |           2" dia Sch 40 PVC Pipe         |(______________--------
  {-- |                                          |
      |                  23" long                |    Air gun from
  {-- | ________________________________________ |    compressor.
      `-----                                -----`

        ^                                      ^

        |                                      |

  End cap not glued.                   End cap glued on.

  Press on tight.

       Hold pipe with loose (unglued) end facing away from you

       or anybody else and away from anything that you don't want

       smashed.  Press compressed air gun tightly on hole and shoot

       air into pipe until unglued end shoots off with a big impressive

       bang and high velocity.

       If end fits tight and is pushed on with all your weight,

       the pressure will build up to about 50 or 55 PSI before

       going off.  Even  when going off at 30 PSI, the noise

       made is impressive.

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