Peculiar Sounds from Aluminum.

By Nyle Steiner K7NS 15 Sep 2003.

Peculiar Sounds from a Drop of Saltwater on Aluminum.

When the aluminum and contact wire above are connected to an audio amplifier, very strange and interesting sounds can be heard. This cell also produces a small voltage and there is generally more activity when R (100k to 1meg) is in the circuit drawing some current.

One of the materials tried with the drop of salt water, for photocell action was aluminum (see my article on the homemade photocell). No photocell action was observed with the salt water and aluminum cell but I did hear some very interesting sounds when it was connected to the audio amplifier. What makes these sounds interesting is that they are not just random noise as one might expect. The sounds contain many periodic pulse like tones that vary in pitch.

Recorded sound of salt water and aluminum cell. (400K .wav file):Recording of sound from the drop of salt water on aluminum.

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