Airbomb From 2 Liter Pop Bottle.


This airbomb makes an enormous noise and creates a very dangerous amount of force. It must be used only by a person who is very conscientous and kept well away from anyone or any property that is not intended to be harmed. We take no responsibility for any damage or harm that may result from the use of this airbomb. This document is supplied for information only.

Fittings for pump, hose and meter.

Hose barb hot glued into bottle cap.

This bomb is made from a 2 liter bottle and uses Compressed Air instead of dry ice. It can be set off in a relatively safe manner because it is filled and set off through a long hose. This project requires a small initial investment to procure the hose, meter, fittings, etc. but eliminates the necessity of buying dry ice. Dry ice is often times sold in minimum amounts of $10.00 or more, limiting the fun to times when dry ice happens to be around.

The pipe fittings should be the metal type and the hose should be of high pressure type rated at 250 psi or greater. The project is simply a 2 liter bottle connected to a pump and meter through a long hose. For construction, the pictures are self explanatory. The meter is not absolutely nessary, but is desirable when you want to know how close your are to


If you cannot get quite enough pressure from your pump to burst the bottle (125 to 150 psi), you can set it off by shooting it with a powerful BB or pellet gun. The pressure usually has to be 100 psi or greater for the bottle to burst when the BB hits; otherwise, the compressed air will just hiss out the hole without exploding.

Other kinds of containers besides 2 liter pop bottles can work well. Containers made of light plastic material would seem to be the best choice as far as flying debris is concerned. We got an enoumous bang from a cylinrical shaped "Head & Shoulders" flexible plastic shampoo bottle. It blew at only 50 psi but made enough noise to make one wonder what the neighbors were going to do.

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